Pulley Storage Systems For Kayaks: A Quick Look

Pulley storage systems can help make storing heavy kayaks easier. But you’re probably wondering what a pulley system is and why you should buy one.

You can decide if a pulley storage system is ideal for you with the help of this article. But, first, I will discuss their work and why they’re worth buying. 

I will also discuss common pulley systems and which work best for different kayaks. You will have the information necessary to decide if a pulley system is the best option for you by the time this article is finished.

Key Takeaways

  • Pulley storage systems are a great way to store your kayak when you’re not using it. 
  • When you need to use your kayak, you can get to it quickly and easily, and they also make it simple to store it out of the way when not in use. 
  • Pulley storage systems are also relatively inexpensive, making them a great option for budget-minded kayakers. 
  • There are a few things to remember when choosing a pulley storage system for your kayak, including weight capacity, ease of use, and price. 
  • With a little bit of research, you should be able to find the perfect pulley storage system for your needs.
Pulley Storage Systems For Kayaks
Pulley Storage Systems For Kayaks

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Pulley Storage System For Kayaks?

There are many different types of kayak storage systems on the market today. But what are the benefits of using a pulley system for kayaks? Here are some things you need to know about kayak pulley systems before you make your purchase.

  • It is a very versatile option. You can use it to store your kayak in the garage, ceiling, or even on the side of your house. It is, therefore, a fantastic choice for people with little room.
  • It is a very durable option. The RAD Sportz Kayak Hoist has a longer warranty and can hold up to 150 lbs. This makes it a fantastic option for individuals requiring a robust storage solution.
  • It is very easy to use. The locking mechanism ensures that your kayak will stay in place, and the rubber coating protects your kayak from scratches and damage. The hoist system also comes with latches that make it easy to attach and detach your kayak from the system.
  • It is an affordable option. The pully system retails for less than $100, making it an affordable option for those who need a practical storage solution.
  • It is easy to install. The system can be quickly installed if you follow the directions that are included in the package. This makes it a great option for those who don’t have time to waste on installation.

Some of the other benefits are:

  • It’s easy to use.
  • They are safe and secure.
  • Your kayak can be kept in a garage, basement, or high wall.
  • You can store your kayak on the wall instead of finding floor space for your storage area, which is not always easily accessible if you have limited space or live in an apartment with no storage available.

Pulleys Are An Easy And Efficient Way To Store Your Kayak

Pulleys Are An Easy And Efficient Way To Store Your Kayak
Pulleys Are An Easy And Efficient Way To Store Your Kayak

Pulley storage systems are the easiest way to store your kayak. You can set up a pulley system in minutes, and it’s more efficient than other methods of storing your kayak.

Pulleys don’t waste space like racks or hooks so that you can use the space under your bed for something else. You can use them to store your kayak in a garage, on a dock, or even on the side of your house.

Pulleys make it easy to lift your kayak and keep it out of the way when you’re not using it. There are many other kinds of pulleys, but the cam cleat pulley is the most typical kind.

Cam cleat pulleys have a locking mechanism that keeps your kayak in place. They’re easy to use, and they’re very strong. The other type of pulley is the ratchet pulley.

Ratchet pulleys are similar to cam cleat pulleys but don’t have a locking mechanism. As a result, they’re more difficult to use, but they’re also more versatile.

They Can Be Mounted On The Ceiling Or Wall

Pulleys can be mounted on the ceiling or wall, making it easy to grab your kayak when ready to go. They are also great for storing your kayak when you’re not using it.

When choosing a place to mount your pulley system, there are a few things to consider. First, you must choose whether to put it on the wall or the ceiling.

You must ensure that the ceiling can sustain the weight of your kayak if you plan to mount it on the ceiling.

Make sure the wall is sturdy enough to withstand the weight of your kayak if you plan to put it there.

Pulleys Also Protect Your Kayak From Damage By Keeping It Off The Ground

Pulleys are a great way to store your kayak. They keep the boat off the ground so that it won’t be damaged by its weight or by the dampness of the ground.

Most pulley systems also protect your boat from UV rays when hoisted on the wall under the shade, making them perfect for people who don’t live near bodies of water and need to store their kayaks outside.

How To Choose The Right Pulley Storage System For Your Kayak?

How To Choose The Right Pulley Storage System For Your Kayak
How To Choose The Right Pulley Storage System For Your Kayak

To choose the right pulley system for your kayak, you must consider some factors. Determine the location of the pulley’s mounting first.

The best place is usually on the ceiling of your garage or shed so that it’s out of the way and won’t get damaged by any tools or equipment.

Next, determine how much weight your pully can handle. Typically most rope and strap systems are rated at around 500 pounds (227 kilograms), but always check before purchase as this may vary depending on the brand and type of strap used.

Next comes determining what type of kayak you have and how it is stored currently:

  • If you’re storing a sit-on-top style boat without a bulkhead (such as an Old Town Loon), then a metal ring or metal bar will work best since they can be bolted down directly onto your boat’s hull with no mounting brackets needed. You’ll need to drill holes into each side where there’s room (again, consult our handy guide above).
  • For hard shells with bulkheads such as Pelican Kayaks or Ocean Kayaks, there are two options: 1) You could buy two metal rings/bars, but one would hang off each side; 2) Or use one metal bar across both ends since these boats tend to be fairly narrow anyways! Whatever route works best for your situation should suffice here – make sure all bolts/screws aren’t too close together.

A-Pulley Storage System Typically Includes Two Pulleys, Rope, And Hardware For Mounting

A pulley storage system typically includes two pulleys, rope, and hardware for mounting. A pulley is a large wheel with a groove cut into the outside edge to guide a rope around it. [Pulleys have been used to carry large objects from the beginning of time.]

A typical pulley storage system will include two permanent pulleys mounted directly above each other on the ceiling or wall. The kayak can be raised and lowered by pulling on one end of the rope attached to one of these two fixed points.

If you choose this type of system, keep in mind that there are many different types of hardware available, so make sure you get something appropriate for your situation and check that it fits before buying!

You Can Find Pulley Storage Systems At Most Sporting Goods Stores Or Online

Pulley systems are a great way to store your kayak when you’re not using it. You can find kayak pulley systems at most sporting goods stores or online.

I’ve used a pulley system to store my kayak in my garage, and I’ve also used one to transport my kayak from my house to the water.

When you’re not using your kayak, pulley systems are a terrific method to keep it secure. They’re also a great way to transport your kayak from one location to another without any effort.

Prices Vary Depending On The Quality Of The Materials, But A Basic System Should Cost Around $30-$40

Pulley storage systems are not all created equal. Some are made with cheap materials, while others can be more expensive depending on the quality of their materials.

A basic pulley system will usually run you around $30-$40, but you can find some that are even more expensive if you’re willing to pay for them.

To get the best deal possible, check out your local sporting goods store or online; there’s a good chance that they’ll have everything you need for your kayak in stock.

How To Install A Pulley Storage System For A Kayak?

How To Install A Pulley Storage System For A Kayak
How To Install A Pulley Storage System For A Kayak

If you’re installing the pulley storage system yourself, then follow these steps:

  • Mount the pulleys to your ceiling or wall
  • Attach the rope to each of the pulleys. Tie a knot in each rope and make sure they are secure.
  • Make sure that the rope is long enough to reach from your kayak down to where it will be hanging on your ceiling or wall (you don’t have to stand on a chair whenever you want to pull up your kayak).

When you buy a pulley storage system, it will have everything you need to mount the hardware onto your garage rafters.

The apparatus is made to be simple to install and use. Once installed, the system can easily handle the weight of your kayak and make it quite simple for you to put it away when not in use.

How To Use A Pulley Storage System For A Kayak?

Here are some tips on using a pulley storage system for your kayak.

  • You will need to find a place to mount the pulley system. This can be done on a wall in your garage or on the side of your house. Make sure that the area is level and that there is nothing in the way that could block the path of the kayak when it is being lowered or raised.
  • You will need to measure the length of your kayak. This will determine how high up you will need to mount the pulleys.
  • Once you have measured your kayak, mark the spot on the wall where you will mount the pulleys—drill holes at this location and screw in eye bolts.
  • Now it’s time to attach the pulleys to the eye bolts. Start by threading one end of a rope through a pulley and tying it off. Do this for all of the pulleys.
  • The last step is to secure the rope’s other end to a substantial object, such as a sandbag or a dumbbell. This will keep tension on the rope and prevent the kayak from sliding down while it is stored.

Troubleshooting Tips For Pulley Storage Systems

Troubleshooting Tips For Pulley Storage Systems
Troubleshooting Tips For Pulley Storage Systems
  • Pulleys are not meant to be used for dragging heavy objects. They are designed for lifting, not pulling weight across a distance.
  • Make sure you buy a pulley system that is rated for the weight of your kayak. Most pulley systems are rated for at least twice the weight of your kayak. Still, some models come with additional safety features and may be more suitable than others in certain situations (for example, if you’re storing your kayak on the side of a staircase).
  • Keep all ropes taut and under tension when using a pulley system for kayaking storage so that they don’t become frayed or damaged by friction against metal pieces in place where they pass through points like “eyes” or “couplings.”


And that’s it! You should know more about what to look for and how to install a kayak pulley storage system.

If you’re still unclear about which one is perfect for your needs or budget, there are lots more possibilities that we didn’t cover here.

There are a few different types of pulley storage systems for kayaks that you can choose from. Some of these include hanging the kayak from the ceiling or rafters, using a wall-mounted system, or even suspending the kayak from the side of your house.

A pulley system is a great option if you’re looking for a way to store your kayak that is out of the way and doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Pulley Storage Systems?

A pulley system is a kayak storage system that uses ropes to suspend the kayak above the ground or another object. Pulley systems are typically more affordable than other storage systems and are easier to install.

How Do Pulley Storage Systems Work?

Pulley systems use ropes to suspend the kayak above the ground or another object. The ropes are taut and under tension by a mechanism, like a pulley, so they don’t become tangled or damaged.

Do kayak storage pulley systems come with all the necessary hardware?

Most likely, yes. Pulley storage systems typically include all the necessary hardware to install the system, including brackets and hooks for suspending the kayaks.

Are pulley systems easy to install?

Pulley systems are typically easier to install than other storage systems. This is because they don’t require much construction time or special skills.